Welcome all CJ fans! (New/Potential Members Please Read)

Site introduction and news. New members please read. (READ ONLY)
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Welcome all CJ fans! (New/Potential Members Please Read)

Post by admin » Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:17 am

I want to give a big welcome to all CJ fans and owners. First, I would like to give you a quick introduction to the site and some basics.

Affiliations and Intent

1. I have no formal connection to Conrad Johnson. This is purely done out of the love for music and the great products that CJ makes. I do not get money or any other resources from CJ. Quite the opposite, it costs me money to host the site.

2. I decided to make this site as I was unable to find a central forum site dedicated to CJ. If there was ever any issue or question, I had to hunt down multiple forum sites to discuss any topic. I figured it would be nice to have one place to discuss all things related to CJ.

Basic Rule

1. The only rule I have for this site is that you respect each other.

Posting FAQ

Newly registered users will need to have their first posting approved.
All subsequent postings will be immediate and not require moderator approval.

1. Maximum file attachment size is 4 megabytes (updated).

2. Uploaded images wider than 1600 pixels will be displayed as links (that opens up image in new window). For posting images, I recommend not more than 1000 pixels wide. This almost always gives enough resolution to give a pleasing picture and it fits nicely onto most displays including laptops. It also doesn't create very large file sizes that may take people a long time to download on slow internet connections.

3. Maximum attachments for each post is 10.

4. Maximum characters in a single post is 11000. If you are copying a large amount of text, you may want to reconsider and post as an attached file or a link.

5. I was recently asked whether it is ok to link to other forum sites or copy text. I know that many forums prohibit users from linking to other sites. This is NOT the case at CJO. You can link to any other website (including forum sites) and you can copy or paste anything (as long as it's not copyrighted) to CJO.


If there are any problems with your account, ie problems logging on, password issues, difficulty with registration, just email me (admin@conradjohnsonowners.com).

Site Hints and Recommendations

If you want to be notified of replies to topics that you have posted, you can have an email sent to you automatically.
To enable this: Click on "User Control Panel" at the top, then select "Board Preferences", under the "Notify me upon replies by default:" select "Yes" and save your settings.
This way, you do not have to keep checking to see if somebody has responded to your posting.

Want to keep track of some favorite topics? Perhaps mark a topic that you want to write a reply to but do not have the time to do so at the moment? Click on the "Bookmark Topic" link at the bottom of the topic (marked with a small wrench). You can then keep a list of these topics that can be easily accessed anytime by clicking on the "Bookmarks" tab under the "user control panel" that can be accessed by clicking on your username in the top right portion of the page.

Personal Information

All your personal information (email address, visit history, etc) that you submit to CJO is confidential. This information will never be sold or given to any other organization.
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