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ART 150/300 Anniversary Amplifiers

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ART 150/300 Anniversary Amplifiers

Post by Matsaly » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:53 pm

The creative talent at cj are introducing several new products. I thought this might be of interest to members on this forum. ... mplifiers/

I have no affiliation with cj. Contact them directly if you have questions.

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Re: ART 150/300 Anniversary Amplifiers

Post by admin » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:14 pm

Very cool. I like the see-through tube cage.
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Re: ART 150/300 Anniversary Amplifiers

Post by Big Dog RJ » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:47 am

Well that's more like it! Had a feeling the CJ crew were going to offer something of this sort, especially with KT150's.

Now, for those who purchased the ART amplifiers, here's something that comes along and would probably outclass the ART's, and the vicious cycle begins... hooray!

I've heard a few amps with KT150's, ARC Ref 150SE, the new GS series and Ayon integrated. These were driving the Martin Logan Ethos and Summit 'X' speakers, plus listened to the ARC GS series with Sonus Faber Strads and Elipsa's. Although, relatively comparable to solid state bass, the rest was far over-blown. The extended airy highs and smooth open midrange of CJ's designs was as if on steroids on a muscle bound adrenaline adventure...
This is why I love the CJ sound so much, all of that over-blown dynamics is shaped into musicality and allows you to really enjoy your music, rather than be shaken around and thrown all about the room.

To me, the sound was just way off, not really controlled, over bloom in critical frequencies of the midband, only positive aspect was the bass was pretty solid when driving the Sonus Fabers, and although the Martin Logan's were active bass, the KT150's made the midrange sound really "fat." It was not accurate, nor linear not even articulate mid-bass. When switched back to a KT120 and the 6550C, and of course the EL34- aah! now that's what I call music.

I may be presumptive here, without listening to these new KT150 designs and especially from CJ, perhaps they are controlled and well presented, I wouldn't know.

It's great to see that CJ is offering these lovely looking amps and anniversary editions. Price tag, seems to be competing with the best out there. Several anniversary editions come to mind from McIntosh, ARC, VTL, special edition versions all have something special to offer.
US retail is only half that story, Aus prices would be in the heavenly range of 28-30 grand upwards!

I am sure the LP125 series, in form of monoblocks and stereo versions (LP125sa) would be equally good, if not in subtle differences.
One of my fellow mates who was getting the new Martin Logan Ren15, also happens to have a MG20.7 now and is actually getting the new Classic 120 fitted with EL34's. I'm just waiting for an invite when this gear arrives, since the Melbourne dealer is no where near to the new classic amplifiers, still trying to get rid of old stock...

It's definitely a good thing these amps arrive in due time because they could offer a challenge to the well known ones already in the market. Similar high-end sales of around 30 plus grand on amps take place across the road... so to speak. CJ awareness is not getting the right recognition. Other brands such as VTL, ARC, Pass Labs, Jeff Rowland, Accuphase, Luxman, Divialet, and Ayon are getting out there in the limelight. I personally feel CJ sounds way better than any of these put together.

Therefore, this is great timing I think, to introduce these new editions and start people thinking about some serious audio. Whether these new amps such as the new Classic, ART's, anniversary editions etc, would ever make a mark here, I wouldn't know. It would take someone who is very passionate about CJ, to chase the shop owner in order to close a deal... I wonder what text book rule that came out of?
Sounds like Richard Branson saying "the customer is not always right."

By the way, if you do happen to audition these new beauties, do let us know. In the meantime, I will keep a close eye on those new Classic amps supposed to arrive soon, must audition the Classic 120 (EL34) and try to bring one home for a weekend session. Listening in demo rooms at the dealers is very different and has far too many variants, not found in the typical living room.

Until then, thanks for sharing this info, and cheers to CJ's 40th!

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Re: ART 150/300 Anniversary Amplifiers

Post by Wildcat » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:58 am

It is interesting to see C-J use the new KT-150 tubes. I only saw a couple of amps at AXPONA use these, but there were many using the KT-120. I would trust C-J to get this "right" and voice the new tubes to sound like their other amplifiers.

A 300 watt monoblock. Hmmm...what I could do with that power! ;) Is this the highest-powered monoblock they have ever produced? The largest I can think of, off the top of my head, are the Premier 8s which unleash 275 watts each.
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